Cummins Products and Mechanic Services

tvdi diesel service center pics1_2Here at TVDI we pride ourselves in keeping your Dodge Cummins running. Our Highly Qualified Dodge Cummins diesel mechanics can provide new or exchange inventory .We do Dodge Cummins system upgrades, EGR systems even head gasket failures. Whether you need crank sensors? gaskets? all the way to a rebuilt or new injectors we have you covered.

When it comes to Dodge Cummins products and service we can get it done for you from a simple sensor replacement, turbo charger, fuel injector , part or engine rebuild, we have 25 years experience to get the job done right.

TVDI’s Kamloops based diesel service center  has a complete in house repair and rebuild facility for your Dodge Cummins Turbo Charger and related components. TVDI specializes in all diesel applications, trust TVDI to deliver unbeatable service, experience and reliability for your Dodge Cummins needs.



steinbauer power chipLooking for the best Diesel Power Chip? Steinbauer Power Enhancement Kits boost the performance , torque and horsepower of your diesel engine for your Diesel Truck, Tractor or heavy equipment safely.


dodgeTVDI is proud Bosch dealer for all Dodge Cummins diesel owners , did you know that your Dodge Cummins has Bosch fuel system?


stanadyne fuel performance additivesAs a Stanadyne Service Dealer we provide you with replacements and service for all your Stanadyne fuel injection requirements, as well as “Stanadyne Performance Formulas” the leading fuel additive in the diesel industry.