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steinbauer power chipDo you own an electronic diesel engine that is running 60 percent rated load or better? This applies to industrial engines in bunchers or grinders, to highway engines like Mercedes, Man, Iveco, Detroit, Cat or the rest. If you said yes then ask us about Steinbauer tuning technologies. We can offer you 20 percent more power and torque with better emissions and economy. With a simple plug and play add on you can realize higher production with your existing machine without the cost of the upgrade to the next model up machine. If your looking to reduce your operating costs or need help in managing used inventory Steinbauer could be the answer. More power! More profit! Are you looking to boost the performance , torque and horsepower of your diesel engine but your concerned about not damaging your motor at the same time. TVDI , has the perfect solution for you. Not all power chips are safe , so that is why we offer Steinbauer Power Enhancement Kits. You can boost your torque and horsepower by as much as 25 percent with no worries of harming your engine. We know you‘ll enjoy having the entire Steinbauer team working for you! Our flagship product, the Power Module, is produced for cars, commercial vans, heavy duty trucks, agricultural machinery, boats and motorbikes — but if it has a modern diesel engine … then Steinbauer has a module on one somewhere in the world.


Setting the standard in additional performance technology.

Starting from humble beginnings in the mid 90s, we started with a clear vision to improve the performance of diesel engines. Wanting to avoid the pitfalls of competitor products that were focused on invasive tuning methods such as chip-tuning, flashing and pressure box technology, our vision was to develop a higher end product that used advanced programming based around the injection system, using an additional electronic “Plug n Play” principal.

We stand behind the product that we sell.

To ensure that we continue to offer each and every customer world class customer service we have developed a solid support system. By using our own dedicated company sales force in Austria, Germany, England and the United States our sales professionals are at the forefront of contact with our customers, Steinbauer sales representatives – sell just Steinbauer! As a brand that is offered globally, we place our trust in qualified industry professionals like TVDI that distribute our product, ensuring that they have had access to the best training and support available. We take pride in providing world class products backed by world class service and support. When you purchase a Steinbauer product, know that your representative TVDI stands firmly behind every product, from concept to production and delivery we are 100% confident in each product that carries our Steinbauer brand.